Sell Graded Coins

Do you want to sell graded coins?  Midwest Coin is buying certified US and foreign coins from the top 3 grading services,  PCGS, NGC and ANACS. We also buy graded coins certified by off-brand grading companies. Whatever the grading service, whatever the coin, we have the numismatic expertise to make you a fair market offer to purchase your certified rare coin collection.  Therefore, Midwest Coin is the best coin shop to sell graded coin to.

Midwest Coin and Collectibles is the highest rated coin dealer in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.  We have the numismatic rare coin experience that you need and the quality customer service you are looking for. In conclusion, you need to call us today at 651-216-4112 or stop by our coin shop to discuss your certified coin collection with one of our expert coin buyers.

How To Sell Graded Coins

  1. Bring in all coins to our shop in Roseville (St. Paul), MN
  2. Coins will be sorted
  3. Coin will be evaluated for value
  4. Purchase offer provided in writing
  5. Immediate payment provided if you choose to sell

In summary, selling your graded coins is an easy and straightforward process with Midwest Coin.

Sell PCGS Coins

Do you want to sell PCGS graded coins?  We buy PCGS certified coins.  PCGS is the number 1 grading company, and their coins typically have the highest value.  Professional Coin Grading Service is a coin grading, authentication, attribution, and encapsulation service founded in 1985. The intent of its seven founding dealers, including the firm’s president David Hall, was to standardize grading.

cell graded coins

PCGS Graded Coin

Sell NGC Coins

Do you want to sell NGC graded coins.  We buy NGC certified coins.  NGC is the number 2 grading company, and their coins typically have the second highest value.  Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is a privately owned, international coin certification service based in Sarasota, Florida. It is the world’s largest third-party coin certification service by volume, having certified more than 35 million coins.

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NGC Graded Coin

Sell ANACS Coins

Do you want to sell ANACS graded coins?  We buy ANACS certified coins.  ANACS is the number 3 grading company, and their coins typically have the third highest value. ANACS is America’s Oldest Third Party Grading Service for the Authentication and Grading of Rare Coins.

sell graded coins

Anacs Graded Coin